Djembe Drums…You just can’t beat them!

Thanks to generous donations of £450 from FOSS and £500 from Global Construction (a PVCu specialist company from Maidstone in Kent), our school have been able to purchase a whole set of African djembe drums (and they are due to be delivered by the end of next week!) The drums will obviously be used in music lessons across the breadth of the school. Our new Key Stage 2 music specialist, Mr Bolton, has plenty of previous experience teaching djembe drumming and can’t wait to use them with our children. The only slight concern, when investigating different makes, sizes, providers, offers and prices, was the advice given by the County Music Service.

The bucarra wooden djembes that we have ordered are regarded as by far the best value for money within a primary age range. They are second to none in terms of sound quality, durability and appropriateness for primary aged children. We have also received an excellent deal for the bulk order. However, the County Advisor did concern us slightly with the comment… ‘Bucarra djembes from the Ivory Coast are ideal for primary schools and very popular, as far as drums are concerned you just can’t beat them!’ Many thanks to Mr Warren Haworth for his support in securing the fantastic donation of £500 from Global Construction.