Daffodils, Moodboards, more Muffins and a Celtic Harmony Model!

I’ve received some fabulous photographs today, ranging from the Daffodil Art Challenge to some of the class-linked tasks, such as Oceans Moodboards (Year 2) and an amazing model of the Celtic Harmony layout. The featured picture is Jodie’s brilliant daffodils with a wonderful daffodil-yellow patched cat!

Sophie’s beautifully observed daffodil painting (Year 6)
Robbie’s outstanding Celtic Harmony Village (Year 3)
Robbie proudly presents his Celtic Harmony Village, inspired by last Friday’s visit!
Amy (Year 2) with her beautifully textured Oceans Moodboard
And the full picture of Jodie’s daffodils with cat!
Daniel (Year 2) looking forward to tucking into one of his banana and choc chip muffins!