Modern Foreign Languages

French is formally taught at Skyswood throughout Key Stage 2, although our Year 2 classes are given an introduction to French towards the end of Year 2. Mrs Jenni Cheshire is our Modern Foreign Languages teacher across Key Stage 2. She delivers weekly French lessons to each of our junior classes. This is supplemented with a number of shorter, informal activities to consolidate their learning throughout the week. These are delivered by the class teacher and may include French activities during registration time or five/ten minute consolidation games linked to the main teaching objectives for that week. The Tout-le-Monde Scheme underpins the teaching of French and is used as the main framework for the development of French throughout Key Stage 2. This is, however, supported through a range of enrichment activities and a wider understanding of the French culture and lifestyles.

National Curriculum: Languages Programmes of Study

A summary of the French curriculum is given below:

Year 3 (Autumn Term)

* Meeting and greeting: Classroom language, numbers 1-10.

* Introduction to cognates. Phonic work ‘eu’ ‘i’.

* Music (Singing & performing simple French songs.)

* Parts of the Body.

* Weather expressions.

* Introduction to verbs. Phonic work ‘ou’ ‘on’.

* Noel (Christmas.)

Year 3 (Spring Term)

*’J’aime lag Galette.’ (Epiphany song.)

* Colours

* Items of clothing

* Introduction to questions. Qui est la?  Pourquoi?

* Phonic work ‘ch’ ‘oi’.

* Fairy tale scripts

Year 3 (Summer Term)

* Ages and birthdays.

* Classroom objects.

* Likes and dislikes.

* Introduction to negatives and further questions. (Qu’est-ce que c’est?)

* Phonic work ‘au’ ‘j’

* Singing and Performing

* Playground games. ‘Il court, il court le furet’ playground song.

* The Olympics.

Year 4 (Autumn Term)

* School in France.

* Un village en France – Places in town or village. Describing where you live.

* Extension on weather expressions.

* Introduction to masculine and feminine nouns.

* Phonics work ‘an’ ‘e’ ‘n’ ‘silent t’.

* Current affairs.

* Singing and Performing.

* L’ecole magique – Numbers 1-31.

* Pets

* Days of the week.

* Singular and plural.

* Position of adjectives (using colour).

* Sentence questions. ‘As-tu un animal? Quel animal as-tu?

Year 4 (Spring Term)

* Celebrations in France.

* French dance.

* Months of the year.

* Identifying and recognising nouns.

* Questions – ‘Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?

* Phonic work ‘e’ as in ‘fete’. Silent x.

* Paques (Easter)

Year 4 (Summer Term)

* Members of the family.

* Talking about pastimes.

* Sports.

* Distinguishing betwen word classes using the negative.

* Questions- ‘Qu’est-ce que tu fais?

* Phonics work ‘e’ as in ‘pere’, ‘ion’ as in ‘television.’

Year 5 (Autumn Term)

* Back to school in France.

* Bon Appetit!

* Members of the family.

*Talking about pastimes.

* Rooms in the house. Describing furniture.

* Introduction to prepositions.

* Exploring use of adjectives and introduction to gender agreements.

* Phonics Work ‘u’ as in ‘dur’, ‘ai/ain’ as in ‘bain’.

* Questions- Qui?

Year 5 (Spring Term)

* Healthy or unhealthy?

* French celebrations.

* Autour du monde. Talking about holidays and travel.

* Understand and use ‘en’ + country, ‘en’ + transport.

* Understand and use je voudrais + infinitive.

*  Questions – ‘Ou?’

* Phonics work ‘gn’ as in Espagne, and ‘en’ as in Vincent.

* Earth, moon and planets.

Year 5 (Summer Term).

* Ma ville. Around the town. Things to do in the city.

* Compass points / grid references.

* Olympics.

* Understand and use aller: je vais tu vas:

* Prepositions – pre de; loin de; en + transport, a + place, en + country.

* Questions – Ou habites-tu? Qu’est-ce qu’il y a…?

* Phonics work – magic ‘e’, un/une, in/ine, im/ime, ge, gi, j, g.

Year 6 (Autumn Term)

* Using adjectives to describe personality.

* Position of adverbs.

* Adjectives: masculine/feminine plural agreements.

* Qualifiers- assez, tres.

* Conjunctives: et and mais.

* Prepositions: devant, derriere, sous.

* Phonics work ‘ou/u’, Circumflex ‘a’, ‘o’, ‘e’.

*La montre magique. Fruit, Art terms.

* Imperatives – je, tu, il/elle.

* Forms of -er verbs. Use of l’ before a vowel.

Year 6 (Spring Term)

* Food and recipes.

* Imperatives; du, de, la and des.

* Je peux + infinitive.

* Adverbial time phrases.

* Quantity + de.

* il fau, il te faut.

Year 6 (Summer Term)

* Mangez bien.

* Olympics.

* Yr 6/7 Transition activities.