Chocolate Bar Quiz

This week’s quiz takes a slightly different format and is all about chocolate bars. There is a clue for each one.

For example: “shhh! Don’t tell anybody.”

The answer to this clue is… Wispa!

See how many of the fifteen clues you can solve?

  1. Would you find this on a red planet?
  2. Football top and shorts for MacAvity?
  3. A raw carrot or stick of celery perhaps?
  4. Medieval musicians’ favourite chocolate?
  5. I promise to give you some additional support and encouragement!
  6. A price on my head?
  7. Ballerina’s favourite chocolate?
  8.  Would you find this chocolate bar on a London bus?
  9. This chocolate bar looks good on a blanket!
  10. To mislead and confuse the issue!
  11. Could be The Romans, Brazil, Snowdonia or The Ancient Greeks
  12. Having so much pleasure in the Black Sea!
  13. Ninth place!
  14. Cocoa beans are put before a pantomime character!
  15. Millions of stars amongst the gas and dust, held together by gravity!