Author of the Term- Dav Pilkey (Year R to Year 3)

Our Author of the Term for reception, infant and Year 3 children is Dav Pilkey, known for the Captain Underpants series , which is extremely popular with our younger children.

There will be two competitions running; the first is for the children to create their own superhero. The children should name their superhero and describe their superhero’s special powers. We would suggest a short description of no more than 100 words, along with an illustration of their superhero using a media of their choice (eg pencil drawing, painting, colouring pencils, felt tips).

The second competition is to design their own pair of underpants, using any of the four template shapes as below. The children can get a template from their class teacher and should make their design colourful and fun. Children may choose to use pattern within their design and might like to look at a few fun examples before thinking about their own design.
The competition deadline is Monday 21st November. Please make sure that you put your name and class on the back of your design.