Answers to Elephant Maths

Name SpeciesWeightHeight
ZiggyAfrican6,350 kg3.1 metres
TopsyAsian4,990 kg2.7 metres
TuskoIndian4,535 kg2.9 metres
RoxySri Lankan5,440 kg2.6 metres
CleopatraSumatran3,650 kg2.2 metres
  1. Which is the heaviest elephant?       Roxy (Sri Lankan)
  • Which elephant is 30 cms shorter than 3 metres?   Topsy (Asian)
  • Which TWO elephants weigh a total of 10,000 kgs?

Ziggy and Cleopatra

  • Which TWO elephants have a total height of 6 metres?          Ziggy and Tusko

Elmer is a patchwork elephant. All in all he has 8 white, 9 purple, 10, orange, 10 black, 11 pink, 12 blue, 13 yellow, 14 green and 17 red patches.

  1. How many of Elmer’s patches are either black or white?  18
  • How many of Elmer’s patches are primary colours? 42
  • How many more red patches has Elmer got than orange?  7
  • If he lies in the sun, Elmer’s pink patches will turn red! How many red patches will he end up with if he spends the day sunbathing?


  • How many patches has Elmer got altogether?     104
  • What fraction of Elmer’s patches are orange?
  • Ten,  hundred and fourths




Waterstones have a themed sale of elephant stories. Here are the eight best sellers on the day;

BookAuthorPriceNumber of copies sold
The Fifth ElephantTerry Pratchett£7.5012
Elmer’s Special DayDavid McKee£6.0011
Elmer’s ColoursDavid McKee£6.0010
The Elephant WhispererLawrence Anthony£10.0010
Hannah’s DreamsDiane Hammond£8.508
Elmer and the MonstersDavid McKee£6.007
Silent ThunderKaty Payne£12.004
An Elephant in my KitchenFrancoise Malby-Anthony£15.003
  1. How many of the three top selling Elmer books were sold altogether?    28
  • Which book had sales to the total value of £100?

 The Elephant Whisperer

  • James bought The Fifth Elephant and Silent Thunder. How much change did he get from £20?


  • Rebecca spent exactly £22 on two books, Which two books did she buy?

The Elephant Whisperer and Silent Thunder

  • Mrs Smith bought two copies of Hannah’s Dreams and a copy of the Fifth Elephant. How much did she spend altogether?


  1. Mrs Watkins buys Fuddlewuddle for her daughter and Simplicute Elephant for her niece. How much does she spend altogether?


  • Mr Carberry buys Pink Elephant Plush. He pays with a £50 note. How much change does he receive?


  • The toy shop sell five Jellycat Dancing Darcy toys. How much money do they receive for these five elephants?


  •  Jenny can’t choose between the Simplicute Elephant and the Pink Plush Elephant. How much cheaper is the Simplicute Elephant?


  • If you could choose TWO of these toys, which two would you choose to buy?
  • How much would these two toys cost altogether?

Depends upon answer to Q5.

  • How much would it cost to buy ALL five toys?


  • If the shopkeeper gives you a 10 per cent discount if you buy all five, how much would that discount amount to?


  • What would be the total cost of all five toys if you were given a ten per cent discount?