Answers to Castle Quiz







  1. Which Welsh castle has a leaning tower that leans at a steeper gradient than the Leaning Tower of Pisa?


  • 2. Built in 1067, what is the oldest castle in England?


  • 3. Which castle was used to film some of the scenes in the Harry Potter films, including Harry’s first Quidditch lesson and the womping willow’s attack on the Weasley’s car?

Alnwick Castle

  • 4. Which TWO English castles are famed for having two mottes?

Lincoln Castle and Lewes Castle

  • 5. Which castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Glamis?

Edinburgh Castle

  • 6. Which Kent castle sounds as if it should really be in Yorkshire?

Leeds Castle

  • 7. A castle riddle: I’m a medieval castle, built by William the Conqueror and developed from a wooden fort. In 2005 I became home to a 22 tonne trebuchet that is almost sixty feet tall. Where am I?

Warwick Castle

  • 8. Which is the largest castle in England?

Windsor Castle

  • 9. Which English castle has the tallest Norman keep? And how tall is it?

Rochester Castle . 115 ft

  1. 10. In 1648 the Royalists took siege of Pontefract Castle using a cunning plan. How did they trick the Parliamentarians into allowing them into the castle?

They pretended to be bed collectors.

  1. 11. Which castle has been used as a film set for King Arthur, Robin Hood and Ivanhoe?

Bamburgh Castle

  1. 12. Castle’s defensive spiral stairways nearly always turn clockwise. Conwy Castle in Wales has one stairway that turns anti-clockwise. Who was this stairway designed for?

Left Handers. (If you are defending a castle and coming down a spiral stairway, you have a distinct advantage as a right hander compared to a right hander going up a stairway. Imagine a sword in your hand and you can prove this by moving around a post in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction. So Conwy Castle designed one of their stairways specifically for left-handers!)