Answers to Butterfly Maths Booklet

The measurements of the butterflies were as follows:

Red Admiral 6 cms (to nearest cm) 5.7 cms

Small Tortoiseshell 4 cms (to nearest cm) 4,2 cms

Peacock 6 cms (to nearest cm) 5.9 cms

Swallowtail 8 cms (to nearest cm) 8.1 cms

Small Blue 2 cms (to nearest cm) 2.2 cms.

Scrabble Scores:

Monarch 13

Cabbage White 25

Peacock 17

Swallowtail 17

Anna Blue 10

Pine White 17

Double word Swallowtail 34 pts

Triple Word Peacock 51 pts

Triple Letter ‘B’ for Anna Blue 16 pts

Double letter score in Monarch would be the ‘C’

Swallowtail scores 7 more points than Anna Blue.

The table below shows how many of each type of butterfly were spotted in the environmental area in the first week of June. Fill in any blank boxes by looking at the information carefully!

 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayWeekly Total
Small Tortoiseshell 6325521
Peacock 4132313
Red Admiral 100225
Large Brown 3313313
Cabbage White 4245419
Brimstone 1351515

How many of these butterflies were seen altogether over the course of the week?

Answer = 86

Text Box: 86