About Skyswood

Skyswood Primary School and Nursery provides a warm, friendly learning environment where all children are valued and are encouraged to achieve their full potential. In our most recent OFSTED inspection (November 2014) our school was found to be an ‘outstanding’ school.  Skyswood’s vision is to ‘provide a happy, caring and challenging environment where children will recognise and achieve their full potential, developing a love for learning in an ever-changing world. We aim to achieve our vision by valuing diversity, providing a safe and secure environment, delivering a challenging and exciting curriculum through high quality teaching, sharing everybody’s achievements and celebrating their successes, and involving the school and the wider community in respecting and caring for each other and the world around us.’

Our SATS results at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have been above national and county levels over the past five years, and significantly above at the end of KS2. See SATS results section for further details.

Our Nursery provides high quality education (mornings only) and continues to serve a number of schools within the local area. The induction programme for both nursery and reception children is is carefully planned to ensure the best possible start to school life for all children.

The core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science  are strong throughout the school, although we take pride in delivering a broad, balanced curriculum that recognises each child’s strengths and provides appropriate opportunities across all subject areas. Within Key stages 1 and 2 we build upon the excellent early years music provision through weekly music lessons from a specialist music teacher. Since the review of the National Curriculum in 2014, our staff have built upon excellent practices in order to ensure the best possible curriculum and learning environment.

The school are currently working, with the support of FOSS,  on enriching our resources and adding a range of new and exciting initiatives to further develop , and inspire our children, within each of the foundation subjects. The School Council also provide an excellent platform for pupil voice and  meet on a monthly basis to discuss various ideas, initiatives and suggestions for future school development.

With respect to the Code of Practice for children with Special Educational Needs, we work closely with our parents and children to build positively on our practices and fully comply with our statutory requirements, providing the very best provision and outcomes for ALL of our children with Special Educational Needs.

There is an excellent team spirit within the school and our governors work closely with the staff to move the school forward and ensure best value for all of our children.

Our parents group, FOSS (Friends of Skyswood School) are also extremely active, raising valuable funds and providing a range of exciting events that help to bring our school community even closer together. The Summer Fairs over the past few years have been particular highlights. They have been wonderfully attended and are always planned carefully to provide an enjoyable day for our whole school community.

The school has a large assembly hall, an extensive library/learning area, a spacious dining room, a dedicated music room, and a suite of networked computers. There are seven very large classrooms, each with its own toilets, wash basins and cloakrooms. Each classroom also has its own computer equipment, including interactive whiteboards. We have also just completed a fabulous upgrade to the heating system throughout the school (February 2020), through a large scale project which replaced our original school boiler and provided us with an energy-efficient solution for the future.

The school grounds are attractive, with two hard surface playing areas, a large playing field, extensive outdoor apparatus, a cycle shelter and a scooter shelter. There are separate playgrounds for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 (KS1), and Key Stage 2 (KS2), reflecting the different ages and needs of the children.

Our school caters for boys and girls aged 4 to 11, and is arranged in classes according to age range. The children are accommodated in classrooms with a maximum of 30 pupils in each class. We also have the 30 place Skyswood Nursery on our site that serves the local community.

Skyswood has close links with all the nearby secondary schools, who frequently invite us to their special events as well as visiting us to ensure the best possible transition across the primary and secondary phases of education.

For further information, please view our prospectus by selecting ‘Reception’ from the ‘Early Years’ tab above or if you wish to make an appointment to visit Skyswood please contact us on 01727 854164 or via email admin@skyswood.aat.school.

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