A wonderful collection of Poetry so far!

Following Ana’s amazing poem that was posted yesterday, here are some superb examples of poems that have been sent to me so far. Some are based on the Japanese structures suggested through Poetry Club, some are metaphorical odes to grandparents or staff, and some are just inspired by our children’s own hobbies and interests. I’ve loved reading them all! If you haven’t already sent me your poem, then please e-mail it to me, to head@skyswood.herts.sch.uk.

The featured image was inspired by Lara’s outstanding poem about the sea.

I Love Climbing

Climbing makes me feel as strong as a Gorilla,

When I am holding onto the grips, I am invincible,

Even though I feel a bit sick NOTHING can stop me!

When I get to the top, I feel so so small,

When I get back to the bottom, I look up at the wall… HOW TALL?

Climbing makes me feel as happy as a rainbow,

When I am happy, it helps me get to the top,

I can’t stop smiling but my body feels like it need to go back to bed,

I knew I loved climbing from the very first time,

GO ON everybody, give it a try…. GO CLIMB!

Ted (Year 3)


Grandma Loves Crumble

Grandma loves crumble,

She smiles as I help her bake.

Crumbling the mixture,

Laughter fills the floury air.

Without you helping,

I would make a giant mess!

But while you’re helping,

We make a perfect crumble,

Your cooking skills are awesome.

Oli (Year 5)


Miss McAlister

She’s the best teacher,

She helps us with our schoolwork,

She always listens,

She helps us solve arguments,

We all love her so so much.

Hannah N (Year 4)


My Nana

You’re a great bowler,

You are amazing at it,

I would like to learn.

Megan (Year 4)


The Sea

The Sea

Crests like an elevator reaching the top of a tall building,

Laps like a cat’s tongue slurping up its milk,

Crashes against the cliff like a cymbal,

Thunders like a storm in the middle of a dark night,

Cascades like a trail of dominoes leading to a bedroom,

Roars like a lion prowling around it horrified prey

The Sea.

Lara (Year 3)



Lola, my daft cat

Likes to sleep under the bed

Soft and fluffy fur

Curls up beside me in bed

Always needing to be fed

Meows in the night again

Tabitha (Year 5)



Books are enchanting

In each new world I marvel

Lie in bed and read

Characters journey with me

Reading in bed is great fun

Lying there in the warm sun

Tabitha (Year 5)



Snow-white clouds

Fly like a kite in a gentle breeze,

Calm clouds

Form shapes like pictures being drawn in the sand,

Atmospheric clouds

Drift like heavy snow on a cold winters’ day,

Heavy grey clouds

Absorb rain like a sponge with water,

Fluffy clouds

Float like a red balloon in the clear sky,

Gentle clouds

Dance across the sky like a ballerina pirouetting across the stage.

Tabitha (Year 5)



To me you’re the heavy weight pillow-fighting champion of the world

Dodging at the speed of lightning,

Winning with your cheering family fans.

Without you…

Apollo would be the guardian of knitting,

But when I’m with you

We rise victorious with the belt on our waist

Nicholas (Year 3)


Mrs Carmichael

You are like a writing in a book,

Always kind and helpful,

You have beautiful grey hair as a rhino,

Without you I would be sad,

And the classroom will not have any books,

When I’m with you it makes me happy,

And the school will be a rainbow.

Eva (Year R)