A King is Born!

Our nursery and reception children enjoyed a delightful performance of their Nativity play, a King is Born, on Tuesday. The story started on Christmas Eve, when everybody found it difficult to get to sleep because they were so excited about Christmas Day. The children then find out about the story of Christmas, and how Mary and Joseph travelled on the donkey to Bethlehem for a Census (carried out by some very smart and enthusiastic Roman soldiers!).  It was a long way on a dusty road and Bethlehem was so busy when they arrived, it was certainly a ‘squash and a squeeze!’ Eventually, Mary and Joseph were offered a stable. It was a cold December night and the weary travellers warmed their toes by the fire, The bright star guided the Three Kings to the stable and Baby Jesus was born. Well done to all of the children for their delightful singing, and bringing each song to life with their actions and animation!  The play finished with ‘Thanks and Praise’ and our nursery and reception children should be extremely proud of their excellent performance!