Year Six: School Journey – We’ve Arrived!

What a fantastic start to our week! We enjoyed our time at Alton Towers this afternoon. Once we arrived, we didn’t waste a single moment and headed off in our groups ready for fun. A couple of groups started at Rita expecting a fast ride but were left speechless after an underestimated adrenaline rush – Matthew and Matty were particularly taken aback but very proud to have conquered it! The Smiler was a popular choice with our keenest thrill-seekers. 

After a few hours at Alton Towers, it was time to hit the road again with Llandudno in our sights. The first job to do when we arrived was to settle into our rooms. There were lots of happy faces as the children discovered who they would be sharing with for the week. Dinner consisted of fish and chips, finished with a large serving of ice cream – yum! Before bed, we headed to the beach for some chill time ready for a day full of fun tomorrow!