Year Six: School Journey Day Two

What a day we’ve had! 

We began our big day ahead with a very big breakfast accompanied by our special letters from home, this gave us an extra boost for the adventure-packed day ahead. 

Our first stop was at Ropeworks, in Padarn Country Par, where we took part in team building activities as well as the first ‘big’ activity – rock climbing. The team building activity required us to communicate and work together to solve a tricky puzzle. Two children who took a particular shining to this activity were Eva and Carmel – they displayed great patience, resilience and determination. We also took on the rock climbing wall, this was really quite tough! This too required team work as each climber needed a team of people to guide the rope as they ascended. We were really impressed with how the children took on this challenge, even when they were feeling unsure. Rose decided her tactic was speed, she was unstoppable as she flew up the wall! Charlotte was also a brilliant climber and supported her classmates whilst they took on the wall. Someone who surprised themselves and were rightly proud of what they had achieved was Sherri, she impressed us with her skill, perseverance and growth mindset approach to climbing!

Zaynah has, not surprisingly, been amazing at showing kindness throughout these past two days, it’s lovely to see how she supports her friends. 

After squeezing into some very tight wetsuits, it was time for gorge scrambling in Conwy Valley (Afon Ddu Gorge). This was such an impressive activity as it pushed the children, and adults, out of their comfort zones. Kayra was an absolute super star as she showed her calm and careful approach. Ben and Frida powered through, round and over each obstacle and never showed any signs of stopping! Another child who blew everyone away was Gabs, she has the perfect mindset and attitude to conquer any challenge.

Following a yummy dinner, we went back to the beach where the fun continued.

A very successful day that has certainly tired the adults, and hopefully the children, out! We are so proud of everyone’s achievements today.