Year Six: School Journey – Day Four

This morning, we woke early to have breakfast and get ready for an exciting day ahead – Bounce Below and Zip Safari. 

At Bounce Below, Daniel’s visit to the gift shop resulted in Year Six gaining a 32nd member of the class – a sheep called Jonathan. Alby got well and truly stuck in with the fun in the caverns and very much enjoyed out-bouncing everyone – he didn’t seem to tire at all! 

We had a fantastic time at Zip Safari. The children all got three rides of the forest coaster. With each go they had, they wanted to go faster and faster! Fergus was positively buzzing afterwards – he absolutely loved it. Everyone then got a choice between two different zip courses. In the first group, there were lots of fearless people – Annabel D and Nico being two of them – they zipped through the course like a walk in the park despite the tallest platform being about 80 feet high! Bella was Miss Gray’s number one supporter and encouraged her to get through the course by showing her exactly how it should be done! Mrs Loukes was grateful for Gian’s help round the zips, some of the mechanisms were very hard to navigate. It comes as no surprise that Jasmine sang her way around the zips, making up songs as she went! 

Our final day of fun ended with a disco. We were very excited to spend some time singing our hearts out and dancing with each other. The finale was, of course, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – a fitting song to end an ambitious week!