Year Four: The Invisible – World Book Day 2024

Our learning for World Book Day was based around Tom Percival’s book ‘The Invisible’ to shine a light on the four million children in the UK living in poverty today. In Year Four, we enjoyed a range of activities to get us thinking about some of the key themes in the book: poverty, gratitude, empathy, hope and community.  Throughout the sessions, the writing tasks involved allowed us to reflect on this story and think about people in our communities who may feel invisible and overlooked. We created calligrams about the key themes of the book, wrote in footprints how someone else may feel and thought about what we’re grateful for. To respond to our WALT, we wrote about how the authorial and illustrative choices helped us to understand Isabel. To finish off, we then wrote a reflection in a mini book on our pages. Our outcomes reflect the thought and effort that we put into this learning, approaching the story with sensitivity and respect.

To enrich our learning, we spent an afternoon creating art pieces. Below shows the learning process:

We used oil pastels to create a melancholy scene – just like how Isabel felt when she had to leave her home full of happy memories to move to the other side of the city as her family could no longer afford the rent or bills. Tom Percival’s illustrations, in the book, added to the mood he created with his vocabulary choices. We then put our backgrounds into plastic wallets and decorated these with vivid colour and life to reflect how the story develops – gradually community came together to create something vibrant to show we all belong.