Year Four: DT – Spooky Pop-Ups

To kick this term off creatively, we had two DT days to create our own Spooky Pop-Up books. 

We began by learning about different mechanisms and how to make them. After a demonstration, it was time to plan the three pages for our very own books. The mechanisms we planned for were: simple box, pull tab (slider), and V fold. Then, we needed to draft the words for the story. We thought about our ‘Biscuit Bear’ children’s books and how to make stories accessible for younger children and therefore thought carefully about the vocabulary used as well as how to make some of the words stand out.

The second day was the making day. We practiced the mechanisms lots so that our final pieces were as polished as they could be. The V fold was particularly tricky and precision was key! Once all the mechanisms on the pages were made, we had the fun job of decorating the pages to really bring our stories to life. We have managed to create some pretty impressive books – take a look at some examples below:

Sophie really impressed us with her determination, focus and ambition; she managed to create a beautifully executed book. We thought you would like to hear and see her ‘spook-tacular’ story!

Take a look below at our time spent with Year One, sharing and enjoying our pop-up books together: