Year Four: DT – Chocolate Galore!

Our DT topic this term is all about chocolate – yum! Having done some research for home learning about what makes chocolate boxes stand out on the shelves, we came up with our very own chocolate brand. We spent some time designing what we wanted our chocolate boxes to look like before spending a very fun, chocolatey day bringing our visions to life! This topic went well with the civilisation we are currently studying in History – the Mayans. Chocolate was very important and described as ‘the blood of the Mayans’. Christian decided to embrace this History topic with our DT and designed his box around a Mayan theme, he even added chilli flakes as chilli was also very special to the Mayans!

We have also recently learnt about deforestation for palm oil in English and Geography. We explored the story of ‘Rang-Tan in My Bedroom’ and wrote persuasive letters to companies that use palm oil in their products. It was therefore very important that the chocolate we used in our products wasn’t contributing to the loss of animals’ habitats. Arth and James both included a disclaimer about sustainability in their boxes.

We had a lot of fun throughout our DT day; the highlight was probably the afternoon sessions where we melted chocolate and used moulds with lots of tasty toppings to make our very own chocolates to match our branding. There may have been some vital tasting too – just to ensure they really were delicious! Have a look at some of our final products – we’re very proud!