Year Four: DT – Chocolate Galore!

For our final DT unit of the year, things got messy as we made our very own chocolates and chocolate boxes!

We begun by doing some primary and secondary research about existing chocolate boxes to see how brands grab the attention of their customers with eye-catching and tempting branding. We decided what we liked and used these ideas to design our own brands and chocolate product.

Once our designs were done, it was time to create and build our chocolate boxes. For this, we needed to carefully cut and score card to ensure our boxes were sturdy and professional looking. When we constructed our nets and glued them in place, it was time to get messy with chocolate – yum!

After our chocolate had set overnight, it was time to put all our efforts together and create our finished product. We are so pleased with our outcomes – can you tell!

Once our products were complete, it was time for the important part – tasting! We took our boxes home and enjoyed tasting our chocolates. Some of us devoured the lot incredibly quickly whilst others took time to savour every bite!

To finish off the project, we evaluated our chocolate boxes and chocolates, thinking about what makes our products fit for purpose, what makes our products unique and what we would improve or change if we did it again.