Year 6 – Welcome to the Spring Term

11th January 2017

Dear Parents / Carers,


We hope you have had a relaxing and festive Christmas and are looking forward to the term ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the generous gifts that you gave us before the holidays!  The term ahead will be a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable one for all of us in Year 6. I have attached a brief summary of the topics we will be covering over the coming weeks.


As a part of our work in Literacy, we will be examining units including non-chronilogical reports, moving onto persuasion and discussion texts and then narrative. Within the narrative unit we shall be exploring the works of Terry Pratchett, ultimately looking to write a short story based on the character Death.


Library books may be changed every week, so please encourage your children to return any completed books and exchange them for new ones. It is important that children choose material that is both challenging and appropriate to their reading age. Following a successful trial last term, children may also bring in ‘Kindles’ for reading purposes only. These are the childs’ responsibility and should be stored in the locked safe provided within the classroom.

As indicated at the start of the year homework will change for this term in preporation for their end of year exams. It is our duty to prepare the children as best as possible, and to this end they will receive a weekly reading, maths and grammar assignment. Most of these tasks will only take a few minutes and will reflect work completed during lessons. Their homework includes at least one hour of reading every week and the children should be looking to challenge themselves with the material they choose.  Please record the time spent reading each week in their homework planner so I can keep track of this and reward those that make an extra effort.


There are a number of sporting fixtures / school events coming up this term as follows:


30th / 31st  January – Sportshall Athletics.

8th February – Open afternoon.

1st March – Secondary school allocation.

3rd March – FOSS Disco

8th March – Cross Country League at St Columbus School

14th / 16th March – Parents Consultation Evening

17th March – ‘Crucial Crew’ – St. Albans Fire Station

18th March – Netball Rally.


Further reminders:

  • P.E. lessons will take place on a Friday and Wednesday.  However, it is advisable to retain kits in school in case of non-timetabled sessions.
  • Manga High is a free maths resource and I would encourage any child to sign on regularly in order to practice areas of the curriculum that they find difficult.
  • Spelling tests will take place on a Friday morning.


Please feel free to come in and see me before or after school with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your continued support. We wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017.


Yours sincerely,

Grant Jones and Rachel Storey

(Year 6 Teacher)         (TA)