Year 6 enjoy two days of Shakespeare!

Our Year 6 class thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside poet, Fred Sedgwick, over a period of two days. The majority of their writing was based on ideas generated from the stimulus of Shakespeare, with a high standard of writing produced as an outcome from these sessions. The class then spent half a day looking at playground rhymes and clapping games, which could be further developed in their role as Play Leaders with the younger children.

Fred Sedgwick has a particular passion for Shakespeare and certainly inspired the children during his two days at Skyswood. Here are two extracts from the Seven Stages poem that the children produced collaboratively:

The Baby

For the first thirty minutes of his life he was screaming,

Whining, like a new kitten, as it dribbles down mum’s new dress,

A horrible stench of rotten milk hangs around him,

While he gurgles until he vomits, leaving a terrible stain on the carpet.


The Old Man


A frail old man walked down the street,

His cranky old face staring at the ground,

A grey clump of hair squatting on his head,

His face emblazed in forgetfulness,

His shoulders hunched,

His walking stick tapping a rhythm on the pavement as he walked.