Year 6 English writing ‘Death Story’

Dear Parents/Carers,

This term Year 6 have been writing fictional stories on the topic of assassination, during English lessons. These stories have been based on fictional characters. The class have worked extremely hard and we are very proud of them. Attached below are some examples, we hope you enjoy reading them.

Mr Jones/Miss Ahmed

Assassin story

The streets were dead. Dark clouds rolled across the sky and a bolt of light cut into the night. A door swung open; footsteps echoed through the silent neighbourhood.

The assassin crept into the gloomy alleyway, crouched down behind a bin and waited. The dreadful stench from the bins filled his lungs. He shuffled away and held his breath. To his right, he noticed a rusty air vent coughing out dust. On the opposite wall was a shattered glass window. The assassins legs stiffened and his thighs began to ache. He couldn’t hold his crouch for much longer. Looking into the darkness of the alleyway he saw a mysterious shape approaching him. “Finally… he’s here,” he murmured to himself.

He couldn’t quite make out who the figure was, but it must have been his target. He had studied what they do for weeks. Their every move and the time he would be here, it all matched up perfectly.

He pulled his scythe over his shoulder and walked out into the open, not taking his eyes off of the target. The other man carried on walking towards him. When his opponent was a meter away from him, he raised his scythe and plunged it square in their back. The man fell dead.

“Welcome!” spoke death as the ghost rose from the filthy floor. They said nothing, he was wondering how he had died. Death stood motionless as he inspected the ghost. His eyes widened in embarrassment he had killed the wrong person!

“Oh, sorry!”

Sofia Anderson


I was desperate to find my family and I some food; anything edible would do. We were starving and hadn’t eaten for days. It had been snowing so severely that we were unable to leave our home. But today, the weather conditions were perfect for carrying out my plan.

As soon as I left my home, the bitterly cold breeze hit my face. Above me, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating down on the snow and into my eyes, making it difficult to see. I was walking towards the sea. It was the only place I could find some food for me and my family. As I approached the beach, I looked up once more to check that weather was suitable for swimming. The majority of the sky was still clear but I noticed some dark clouds in the distance; I knew I had to be quick… When I reached the shore, I placed my foot in the water to check its temperature; it was freezing! I stepped back to avoid the spray of the waves whilst I pondered over whether I should go in or not. “It’s now or never.” I thought to myself. My mind was made up; I was going to go in…

I took a deep breath and jumped into the sea; it was so cold I almost passed out but I managed to keep afloat by treading water. Once I had recovered from the shock of jumping into the freezing water, I commenced with my plan. I knew this was it. I did not have much time; if I took too long, I would get Hypothermia and drown. I heard a sound approximately 10 yards away. Could it be my victim? I took another deep breath and surface-dived underwater. I couldn’t see what it was yet, but I swam rapidly towards it. At closer inspection, I saw a large, grey blur moving quickly away. I’d let it escape.

I did not attempt to swim after my potential victim as I knew it would’ve been a waste of energy. My fingers were feeling extremely numb and my blood felt like it was half-frozen. As a result of this, I swam back to where I had jumped in and pulled myself out of the sea. Heart pounding, I lied down on some damp rocks; I felt too weak to go back in. I had failed.

Two hours had passed. I was now sitting on the rocks that I had previously been lying on. Despite my reluctance, I knew I had to go back into the sea; it was my only choice. My family would starve to death if I couldn’t find some food. I prepared to slide into the water. I knew what was coming this time; I was ready. Like last time, I treaded water once I had entered the sea. Before long, I noticed several ripples in the distance. Could it be my victim? This time, I did not swim as fast as I could towards it. Instead, I swam slowly. I was going to take whoever was there by surprise.

Evening was approaching and I knew this was my last chance. I was directly above the source of the ripples and I could tell my victim was close. I dived head-first underwater. I reached out and felt something rough. Subconsciously, I bought my hands together to try and grab it. I was certain that I had caught something. I swam up to the surface to inspect what I had found. It was a large salmon. I carried it out of the sea and began my walk home with it. I was impressed with my catch and knew it would feed my penguin family for several days. The sun was now setting and the sky was pink. The grey clouds I had noticed earlier had disappeared. All in all, it was a successful day.