Year 5 — 04 December 2015

Written by William and Molly

Monday 30th November

We started with spelling and this week’s rule was homophones. In English we were listening to the story Five Children & It. Then we looked at adjectives. After break we had to recognise the types of different angles. In the afternoon we did Christmas crafts, making baubles as well as decorating the classroom.

Tuesday 1st December

Today was the first of December so we opened our advent calendar. Miss Stevens pulled two names out of the hat and the names were Toby and Bella. First we did English and we were learning about settings from a book Five children and It. After that we did History and we were making posters about Elizabeth I. After that in music we were practising our songs for our Carol Concert. Then we did French and we were learning about rooms in the house. The last lesson we did was maths and we were watching videos to help us with our maths.

Wednesday 2nd December

Today we opened our advent calendar and it was Chris and Cameron then we did history and we were finishing off our Elizabeth I posters. Next we did Maths and we were looking at angles and learning to draw them. After break in English we were highlighting key things about a text. In the afternoon we did music but we were in yr6 and we got to do all our songs. Next we did computing and we were making tunes in sequel.

Thursday 3rd December

Today we started by doing Spelling and we were finishing off our homophone puzzles. Then we did maths and we were looking at tangrams and making them. Then we did English and we were making up our own stories. After lunch we had PE and we did games to help our speed and catching. Next was Science and we did an experiment to see which surface had the most friction.

Friday 4th December

Today we opened our advent calendar and it was Bradley T and Joe then we did our spelling test. We heard who won the safety poster competition and the winner for our category was Chloe. Then we did Maths and we started our fraction topic and we were looking at non-unit fractions. After Break we did Computing and we were doing badges on makewaves. After lunch we did another science experiment where we dropped a spinner and we changed something each time. The final thing we did this week we practice a song.

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