Year 5 Maths Challenge

Four of our Year 5 pupils were proud to represent Skyswood in the Herts Maths Challenge competition (which was organised remotely this year). Sherri, Zaynah, Carmel and Chloe tackled rounds on artithmetic, visual estimation, mathematical memory and mental maths. The memory round was taken the day before, where two of the team were given 30 seconds to observe a complex picture with shapes and annotations. The team worked brilliantly together, using each other’s strengths and working co-operatively to address questions and challenges. Twenty teams will be invited forward to the final of the competition in May, the team should find out if they have made the final by the end of this month. Over 500 teams entered so it will be a tough challenge. The team scored 147 points and the average score is 127, so they did really well (but haven’t yet received confirmation as to whether this score will be high enough to secure a place in the final.)