Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Ruari and Jessica

Monday 24th September

In the morning in ICT we were learning skills.

We also had assembly with Mrs. Bird.  We sung 3 songs.

Today the class wrote a historical story based on World War 2.

We thought it was really fun and exciting!


Tuesday 25th September

In maths we made up word problems to do with time.

Spellings were based on homophones which we like!

In history we watched a film about the Romans invading Britain

P.e now!


Wednesday 26th September

Before Swimming we did French with Mrs. Cohen.

We read a book in French on the computer.

When we came back from swimming it was pouring with rain.


Thursday 27th September

In science today we did an experiment to find out if our bones grow.

We went round classes measuring people’s skulls, shin bones and forearms.


Friday 28th September

Finally it’s time for sports day.

We can’t wait for the parent races!