Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Nicole and Adi

Monday 26th November

In the morning we went to the ICT suite to write up our newspaper articles.   After ICT we did maths and in maths we did bar charts based on data we collected. Then we did some adverbs such as nicely and deadly.


Tuesday 27th November

We did our regular Tuesday spelling test.  Then we did reading and we could do anything for reading on the option list.  I [Adi] went on bug club and I got a garter for my bug.  Hurray!


Wednesday 28th November

In the morning we did ICT by making a bar chart.  Then we did literacy which was about a play script called Homeless. Then we did French.  Lucky and clever Jessica got the French trophy.


Thursday 29th November

First we did dance by practising our formations. After assembly we did a reading test called Legs race. We did some maths and Adi [me] was the only one in my group who got full marks.


Friday 30th November

This morning we did a spelling test in our dictation/note books then we went to assembly.