Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Jack and Kristin

Monday 19th November

On Monday we did ICT on bond builder.  In assembly our Indian visitors came in and we gave them a special welcoming.  In Literacy we did a Big write.  We wrote a story about your pet and you go on an adventure.  In the afternoon we finished our habitats and made a booklet for it.  Then we practiced some Christmas play songs.


Tuesday 20th November

On Tuesday we did a spelling test.   After assembly we did a maths test then we had a lovely playtime.   We then finished our maths test.  After that we had a bit of fun by playing some games. Then it was lunch.  After lunch we got told what characters we were going to be in the Christmas play.  Then we played some maths games.  Eventually it was home time.


Wednesday 21st November

On Wednesday we did guided reading.   After it was assembly time. We started our newspaper articles but we did not finish it.  Then a nice playtime. After playtime we did maths.   After that we had a lovely lunch then we finally went swimming.  When we got to the swimming pool we only had a 10 minute lesson then we got to play with floats.  Then it was home time.


Thursday 22nd November

On Thursday we finished our newspaper articles.   After it was playtime.   Then we did maths.  After lunch we did ICT on making a comic strip with pictures we found on the internet.  Then we had a story and then we went home.


Friday 23rd November

On Friday we did maths and then we had an exciting assembly because are Indian visitors came into assembly again. Then we finished off our maths.  After playtime we did literacy.  We finished off our stories.  Then we had lunch and afterwards we did history.  History was exhausting so we did some ICT.  Then we went home.