Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Scott and Alvina

Monday 22nd October

On Monday we finished writing our recounts of a fantasy weekend.  With Mr Bolton we did some music for a Wallace and Gromit soundtrack competition. In science we looked at food chains.


Tuesday 23rd October

On Tuesday we had a spelling test and it was fun. In maths we did money problems. There were three workshops; hard, medium and easy. In History we made posters of disadvantages and advantages of joining the roman army.  In P.E we played hockey against each other.   To warm up we ran three or more laps of the playground! We were very warm after that!


Wednesday 24th October

To start the day we began a topic on time as on our last math test a lot of people got stuck on the time question.  After lunch we did French with Mrs Cohen.  We did an sheet which said how confident we felt on French.  In a while we went swimming. The advanced group raced to see who would go through to a swimming gala.


Thursday 25th October

In literacy we cut out and labelled parts of a newspaper then stuck them in our books. In maths we carried on with our time topic.  To finish off we learnt about being assertive in PSHE.  In ICT we did role plays of E-safety.


Friday 26th October

In literacy we cut out headlines and articles and matched them up.  After that we stuck in our homework in our learning logs.  In maths we did a quiz; hard or easy. In the afternoon we made mosaics out of squared paper so we know what to do when we make real mosaics out of tiles.