Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Sophie and Joseph

Monday 15th October

On Monday we did a snail investigation to see what they like best to eat out of lettuce, apple and rhubarb.

In literacy we wrote a recount about our school trip and we all enjoyed that.


Tuesday 16th October

In maths we learnt about compass directions.  In PE we played stuck in the mud.


Wednesday 17th October

On Wednesday we went swimming like we usually do.   Before that we had a fab French lesson.   In maths we were learning about coordinates.


Thursday 18th October

We had Mr. Burgoyne and we had loads of fun marching around the playground like we were Roman soldiers.  Also Mr Bridle told us a story about the moon, a pizza delivery boy and he tried to make it spooky.


Friday 19th October

We can’t  wait for the disco tonight!