Year 3 – What’s been happening this week?

by Misha and JJ

Tuesday 7th January

Happy New Year!

Today we were given our new targets for Writing and Maths.  We also started our new Science topic on Animals.

Wednesday 8th January

Our History topic is on Romans so today we thought of different questions about the Romans.  We will try to answer them all over the term!

Thursday 9th January

During our Maths lesson, we were learning about how to find fractions of simple shapes.  In Science, we learnt about the 5 main food groups and how each group helps our bodies.  In PE, we played a game to help us remember what group different food and drinks are in.

Friday 10th January

We practised our times tables with partners during Basic Skills.  In Maths, we learnt about how to find different fractions of numbers like 1/5 of 20.  In Art, we started our topic on Mosaics.  We looked on the internet for different examples.