Year 3 Trip to Verulamium Museum

By James, Lily, Fiona, Misha, Elliot and Rafi

On Tuesday 4th February, Year Three went to Verulamium Museum to find out more about the Romans.

The first thing we did was a handling session. It was our favourite thing of the day because we handled real Roman artefacts which were about 2000 years old! At the session we looked at objects that came from the kitchen, the dining room and the ladies room. We saw a mirror which was made of polished copper (of course it didn’t look very polished!). We also got to hold a Roman frying pan which was used in the Roman army!

Afterwards, a man from the museum showed us a giant mosaic of a scallop and he pointed out a mistake it had in it. We think that the mistake was because the Romans thought that nothing could be perfect except for the Gods.

Then we wandered around the museum and wrote down facts about old Roman things which were very interesting. A favourite fact we found out was that when a Roman person died, tears would be collected from the people that were sad and put into a special bottle.

Later on, we went to see the hypocaust. Hypocaust means ‘below heat’ in Greek. A hypocaust was used for heating Roman floors.

We had a brilliant time at Verulamium Museum!