Year 3 Spring Term Letter

4th January 2016


Dear Parents,


Welcome back to a new term in Year 3 and Happy New Year!

We hope you have all had a wonderful time over Christmas and that you have had a fantastic start to 2016 so far. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Year 3 children and parents for our lovely cards and presents. You have been very kind and generous.

We have an exciting Spring Term ahead of us with lots of new topics to begin and below is a brief summary of the topics we will be covering over the coming weeks.

There will be a few different genres to learn in English, including Traditional Tales (alternative versions of fairy tales), Explanations and Reports. The children will also be vocabulary building and looking at the structure of different types of poetry including haiku, tanka and kennings. All of the children will have the opportunity to recite their favourite poem to the rest of the class and also to recommend a book they have recently enjoyed reading. Spellings will continue to be given out on a Monday and tested on Fridays.

In Science this term our unit will be Animals (including Humans). We will learn about the importance of a balanced diet, different types of skeletons and how muscles and joints work.

Our History unit in the Spring Term is a study of The Stone Age to the Iron Age. To support this learning, we intend to visit Celtic Harmony later this term. This always proves to be a fascinating experience for the children and really helps to bring their learning alive. More information about this trip will follow.

We will also be learning to make Moving Monsters, with the children designing and making their own pneumatic monster by the end of the DT unit. During Art we will be learning about complementary colours.

In RE, we will continue to learn about Christianity, focusing on the Life of Jesus and the important events of Lent and Easter. We will work on several different units of PE over the course of the term including Gymnastics, Net/Wall Games and Indoor Athletics. For Music, Miss Yaxley will work with the children every Wednesday morning.

Finally, the children will be covering a range of programs and skills in Computing during their Keeping Informed unit.

As you will be aware, there is a Parents Evening in this term which will provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. However, if any issues should arise in the meantime, either socially or academically, please do not hesitate to come in and see us. There will also be an open afternoon on Wednesday, 10th February from 3.15pm.   As always, any parents who can spare an hour or so to help in the classroom are greatly appreciated, so please let us know if you are interested.

We look forward to another busy and exciting term and would like to thank you for your continued help and support.

Mrs Lewis and Mrs Watson.