Year 3 – Outdoor Classroom Day

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday 18th May.

First of all, they tackled the task of pitching tents on the school field. Special congratulations go to Lucas, Leo and Harry who pitched their tent without any help whatsoever. Well done to them! The whole class then enjoyed lunchtime in their tents.

Following on from lunch was a fire building competition. The children hunted all over the outdoor area for suitable material to burn and began the task of fire building. They needed to use all their scientific knowledge that a successful fire requires three elements: fuel, oxygen and heat. The winners of this competition were Lexi, Maria, Eva and Amelie. Great job girls!

Mr Oswin then thrilled the class by lighting a real fire in the middle of the field. Year 3 were super exhilarated by the outdoor day and are asking when we will do it again!