Year 3 – Class trip to the river Lea

As part of their river studies in Geography, Year 3 spent today (18th July) in Wheathampstead. We split into three groups and spent time at each activity. Activity one was a Kick Study, the second was River Mapping and finally we did Pooh Sticks which wasn’t just a game, but a test to see how quickly the water was flowing.

After lunch we had a Mr Bridle observational art masterclass and tried very carefully to recreate the beautiful scene before us using the techniques we had been shown.

The trip concluded with a short walk – some of us stuck to the path however many children (and teachers too) decided to walk back through the river, which as we discovered, was a little deeper than we first realised and many feet got wet despite the wellies. It was a fun conclusion to our trip.

Thank you to everyone and especially to our amazing volunteers!