Year 2 Websites – updated

In Year 2 we often use websites to support our learning. Keep an eye on our webpage for new sites that you can access at home and at school.





Co-ordinates Websites

Hidden Ships



Minibeast sorting activities


Weblinks for Simulations

Firework Display

Model Village

Hot air balloon

Build a nature reserve

Build a fish

Design a duvet

Design a roller coaster


Websites about Ronda Armitage,,1000001330,00.html



Website about Neil Armstrong



Weblinks for Nocturnal Animals









Penguin, Polar Bear and Seal Websites


Polar bears:




Church Websites



Websites for Great Fire of London

Large website about Tudor buildings

Before and after panorama of london

Interactive story with sound and dramatisation

Image bank

BBC Famous people

Infant friendly encyclopaedia



Website about the life of Samuel Pepys



Digital text about London



Digital texts

Florence Nightingale