Featured — 20 June 2021
Year 2 children self-isolating

Unfortunately, we received notice yesterday that a child in Year 2 has tested positive for Covid-19 and consequently our Year 2 class will be required to self-isolate and return to a situation of remote learning.

There has been a current spike locally, and three or four schools in St Albans are in a similar situation with classes self-isolating over the coming week.

Back in September it was our Year 5 cohort who were required to self-isolate. The children and families in Year 5 all took this seriously and we were thankfully able to contain the spread of Covid-19. With most schools this has been the case, but we were informed by Herts County last week that cases were on the rise within Hertfordshire. The vast majority of schools, as with our Year 5 cohort back in September, were effectively able to contain the virus. However, in one primary school the situation quickly escalated and several children ended up testing positive.

We have been proud of the way our school community has worked together over the past fifteen months but urge everybody to be extra vigilant over the next couple of weeks because the situation is changing and we need to exercise a little extra caution. We would encourage families to avoid play dates or sleepovers or un-necessary meetings in the next couple of weeks please. We appreciate the national rules but also feel that we must all work together to limit the risk of the situation escalating locally. Many thanks for your co-operation with these matters.

Bob Bridle (Head teacher).

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