Year 1’s wild day at Hertfordshire Zoo!

Last Thursday, year 1 had a fantastic trip to Hertfordshire Zoo. We were truly lucky as the sun shone for us and all the animals came out to say hello!

We started the day by heading straight to the lions. They were pressed up against the glass so we had an amazing view of them. We then went round and saw other animals such as camels, snakes, leopards, monkeys and even some guinea pigs! The highlight was seeing the bears who came up to the glass to try and give us a good sniff!

We then headed to the lemurs for the lemur talk and got to say hello to Monty the monkey before going to eat our yummy lunches.

After our lunch, we prepared ourselves to see some very scary dinosaurs. We were able to see the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus who we have learnt so much about. However, we weren’t very lucky at the end when we were splashed by one of the dinosaurs!

We finished the day in the adventure park where we had countless goes on the monkey bars. We really felt like one on the monkey’s by the end!

A big thank you to all the adults that came to look after us!