William well on the way to Silver!

A big congratulations to William (Year 5), who has worked so hard on his Cubs badges over the lockdown period!  William has completed 15 badges through his own effort and commitment to use his time productively. A keen tennis player, under normal circumstances, William spends so much time playing tennis and other sports that he isn’t always able to devote quite so much time to his Cub badges. However, during lockdown, he’s really focused on completing as many badges as he can! William really wants to gain the Chief Scouts Silver Badge, for which he needs the seven challenge badges. Two of the remaining three are almost complete so he’s really getting there! The leaders of his Cub Pack have been absolutely brilliant over this time and there has been a virtual Cub meeting over zoom every week since lockdown began!  There was even a virtual Cub Camp back in April which was brilliant fun and the boys built a real campfire in the garden and toasted marshmallows! As William has completed each badge the leaders have posted him a laminated badge to put on his wall and they will exchange them for the real deal once he goes back to Cubs!  His mum is going to have a lot of sewing to do when that time comes!

William proudly parading his Cubs badge collection