Well done Nursery Friends!

We had an absolutely brilliant time at Whipsnade Zoo. Thank you so much for your support. We managed to see all the animals and some wonderful activities even though it was raining! All the children were so well behaved. We are very proud of them – well done Nursery Friends! A superb day we will never forget.



28/06/16 – Week 4

Our Star of the Week is Charlie Cox.

Well done Charlie!


Sound of the week  – ‘x’

Number of the week  – ’11’

Nursery Rhyme of the week – ‘The Pirate Song.”

Story of the week – ‘Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave’

Did you know Monday 20th June was the first day of Summer? Why not come and see our new display! We decided that after such a rainy day at the zoo that we would draw our favourite zoo animals on a sunny day.

Enjoy your lovely long weekend.

The Nursery Team