A Miracle in Town

Our Nursery and Reception children thrilled a packed audience with their enchanting production of the Christmas Nativity, ‘A Miracle in Town.’ The traditional cast of angels, kings, shepherds, camels, donkey, villagers, innkeepers and   servants, were joined of course by Mary and Joseph, and King Herod upon his mighty throne (and a wicked hee…hee..hee…) The songs were absolutely delightful. The children particularly enjoyed ‘There’s a Razzle and a Dazzle,’ ‘Down in the Stable’ and ‘A Miracle in Town.’ All of the children perfomed superbly, with clear lines and lots of actions to accompany the songs. A special thank you must also go to Sarah and Sami, our excellent Year 6 narrators. Also, a special thank you to the early years staff and to our music specialist, Miss Yaxley, who has been integral to all of our performances over the Christmas period.