Welcome Back to School

From next Monday, 1st June, we look forward to welcoming back children from Years 1, 6, reception and nursery. For some of our nursery children this will signal the start of their Skyswood journey, and for our Year 6 pupils this will enable them to complete a final chapter!

Nobody would have foreseen, back in September, that this year would bring the challenges that we have faced over the past couple of months. Our whole school community has been fantastic throughout the lockdown period and we will work tirelessly to provide the safest and most positive experience for those classes who will be re-joining us .

We will take each day as it comes, monitor the situation thoroughly and continue to make any future decisions with due regard to the safety, well-being and best interests of our children and our wider community.

We recognise that school will look very different to what we are all used to, but our aim is to ensure that our children settle quickly back into well organised routines and that the school experience for any new starters in nursery is a positive one. We thank our parents for their co-operation with the staggered drop off collection times and social distancing routes that have been necessary to set up in order to facilitate this first phase of returning to school.

We are very mindful of our Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 children. Their teachers will continue to provide a balanced range of home learning tasks until the time comes for these children to also return.

Thank you to staff, parents, children and governors for their tremendous support during these difficult times. We have successfully kept the school running for the children of key workers and continued to operate effectively as a community through a mixture of home learning, Teams meetings between staff and governors, and maintaining our strong parent/school relationships throughout the period of school closures. This has put us in a strong position for this first phase of re-integration and we look forward to a productive half-term ahead.