The Skyswood Virtual Band!

Introducing…. the Skyswood Virtual Band!!!

I would like to make a video of our musicians playing together…. but with all the parts recorded individually at home!

I’ve chosen a traditional toe-tapping tune to play called Old Joe Clark.  I’ve created easier repeating parts (no notation reading required) and harder parts so there is hopefully something for everyone to enjoy.  Attached so far are the parts for percussion and instruments ‘in C’ (e.g. recorders, flutes, violins, guitars and pianos), backing tracks to play along to and guidelines for how to get your videos to me.  Parts for instruments ‘in Bb’ (e.g. clarinets) will be available soon.  

Please read the guidelines before videoing your part and send me your videos by Monday, July 6th.

To get an idea of what a virtual orchestra recording looks like, check out
(see if you can spot some familiar faces at 1’49 and 1’00 respectively!)

We’ve joined in with this a couple of times and after a bit of initial setup it was quite straight forward to record and send off our tracks.  If you’d also like to join in with this go to

I look forward to playing with our musicians again, even if it is only virtually for now!

Best wishes, Mrs Salway