The Skyswood News

During this lockdown period we will be posting a weekly update (Each Monday) entitled The Skyswood News. We would love this to be YOUR stories, so if you have a good story from the Christmas holiday that you’d like to share, please e-mail the details and we can feature it on The Skyswood News. (Send photos if you have them!) The Skyswood News will be a recorded feature using Google Meet, so please help us make it a special feature of each week. The first Skyswood News will be posted next Monday (11th January).

We will have a couple of regular features in the post, including a recommended reading post and a selected piece/or pieces of music. If you would like to recommend a fantastic book, or you would like to request a song to be played at the end of the post, please e-mail your recommended books or requested songs to

Many thanks

Bob Bridle