Thank You for your Time Line Pictures, Photos and Poems!

A big thank you to all of the children who have sent pictures for our historical time line. The quality of your cartoons has been fabulous and I’ve been working this week at piecing our ‘Time Line Mural’ together. There are lots of factors, including available space and trying to keep the style as consistent as possible, so the project is really evolving on a daily basis. I will post out your certificates (to everybody who has sent an entry in) early next week. The children who have already had their cartoons reproduced in acrylic on our lovely display include Willow, Hazel, Hamish, Fergus, Ava, Rory, Finn, Oliver and Olivia.

A big thank you also to the children and families who have sent pictures of their grandparents for our ‘Poems for our Grandparents’ front cover. The book is looking amazing and we will aim for the week ending Friday 5th June (the potential first week of phased return for some of our children) as the deadline for a final edit (so it can be sent off to the publishers and hopefully be in print by the end of term.) This week we’ve again received some fantastic poems and I’ve included those that I’ve received in the post.

I am mindful that Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 will not be returning at the start of June and I will continue to post some regular activities on the website for those year groups until we see the children safely returning to school.

The Savoury Recipes book will go out to the publishers next week and I’d like to thank all the children who have contributed to the book. It really is a fantastic book and you can all be really proud of yourselves!

Alice has shown the Tudor roses in great detail!
Ava’s Great Fire of London picture fitted perfectly in the wall space for that particular project (I further exaggerated the flames though Ava to make it even more spectacular!)
Hazel’s Bronze Age pot now sits proudly on the wall space above the Year 4 classroom.
Claire’s Stone Age man
Fergus’ Stone Age man now guards our store cupboards!
Finn’s Zeus was perfect for the space above the Year 5 classroom door. (Although I upgraded his lightning spike to gold for you Finn!)
Hamish’s Stone Age Man also guards the stock cupboards whilst his Viking looks out over Olivia’s longship!
Hannah has made Henry look very royal and powerful!
Claire created a beautiful drawing of Horus.
Hazel’s Stonehenge fits the wall space perfectly above the second store cupboard.
Hina created a stunning Victorian ballroom.
Isla (Year 5) drew the Church of St George.
Isla (Year4) created an Egyptian sarcophagus.
Jack drew a Roman soldier.
Mia drew the Great Fire of London.
Olivia’s Stone Age cartoon collection
Oli’s moon landing picture proudly looks over the entrance to Year 6!
Olivia’s Viking long ship is a central feature in our historical time line.
Rory’s Tutankhamun looks down on the entrance to Year 5.
Rose created a fabulous picture of the Great Fire of London
Phoenix also produced a fabulous picture of Tutankhamun’s death mask!
Willow’s Anglo-Saxon fitted perfectly in the space next to the Vikings!
Willow’s wonderful Viking family!


In my Magic Book

In my Magic Book there is​

The taste of chocolate,​

The sight of Hermione Granger, ​

The happiness of writing a poem,​

The sound of my best friends talking, ​

The smell of donuts from Simmons,​

The taste of candy-floss,​

The sight of pandas playing in the shade, ​

The happiness of seeing my friends,​

The sound of the NHS clap,​

The smell of Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme crisps.​

Chloe (Year 4)


My World

In my world I will place…

A snowy cold mountain,

A colourful tropical rainforest,

A fluffy white cloud,

A stripy snow tiger,

A calm, glittering ocean,

A bright pink rose,

A blue, cool lake,

A gentle, friendly panda,

A heart-shaped leaf,

And a bouncing, cute rabbit.

Hannah N (Year 4)


In My Box

In my box I will keep…

A summer’s sunshine,

A turquoise waterfall,

A sandy beach,

The smell of roses,

A colourful parrot,

A squirrel-filled forest,

A blue un-ending sky,

And the taste of raspberries.

Megan (Year 4)


In My Box

In my box I have…

The sound of birds tweeting,

The taste of spaghetti bolognaise,

The sound of my cat purring,

The smell of the summer fruit drink,

The texture of my cat’s fur,

The smell of new furniture,

The taste of a white chocolate bar,

The sound of waves crashing on the beach.