Thank You!

A big thank you to all of the families who have very kindly donated their Christmas trees for our dead hedge project. We received around twenty trees from our Skyswood families, along with three van loads that were kindly given to us via the St Francis Hospice Christmas Tree collection. Our Eco-Group will be working on the next phase of this project with Miss branagan and Mr Cameron next week.

Thank you also to those parents who donated glass bottles for our Pottery Club. We now have green, brown and transparent glass, along with some blue and blue/green. If any families ever have any of the ‘more unusual’ coloured bottles going into their recycling bins (any colours other than green, brown or transparent) then we’d really appreciate these (or any other coloured glass items that you decide to throw out). The glass is carefully crushed and used as a resource for our ceramics club, and it saves us buying crushed glass from a commercial provider.