Summer Fair Competitions- Mythological Creatures (Masks and Cartoons)

This year there will be two main summer fair competitions, along with the traditional fancy dress competitions.

Make a Mask!

The first competition is to make a mask for any mythological creature. This could be a creature from a book, or an ancient culture, or a mythological creature that you’ve made up entirely by yourself. Use any materials that you wish… Cardboard, modrock, recycled materials etc…

Create a Cartoon Caricature!

Create a cartoon mythological creature. This could be a simple line drawing, or you could use colouring pencils, pens or paint. Make your cartoon as original as possible and don’t forget to give your character a name.

The competitions could be completed with a friend, or you could work on the mask or cartoon with a parent or grandparent, or you could choose to complete either task entirely independently.

The Summer Fair is on Saturday 15th June and the deadline for these competitions will be Wednesday 12th June.