Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 8th October

Year 1 Lucas For his excellent level of focus and all round effort.

Year 2 Corey For her cheerful smile, her growth mind set approach to learning, and for being such a delightful pupil to teach1

Year 2 Tilana For her excellent efforts, kind nature and cheerful personality.

Year 3 Filip For his outstanding start to year 3 and wonderful effort with home learning. To quote Mr Bridle… “Filip, you’re on fire!”

Year 4 Jasmine For her wonderful attitude to learning and her kindness is helping a friend.

Year 5 Rosie For consistently high standards across the curriculum and a Diva lamp that wouldn’t be out of place in a craft shop!

Year 6 Lorcan and Xander For their superb Young Saints Ambassador presentation in Tuesday’s assembly.