Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 8th December

Nursery – Alfred

For hois fantastic singing and dancing in the play rehearsals.

Reception- Bodhi

For his wonderful kindness; always helping those around him!

Year 1 – Jacob

For his fantastic efforts with singing and dancing, where he grew in confidence and was excellent in the infant performances.

Year 2 – Bonnie

For her wonderful book, which showcases her writing and also her learning in maths.

Year 3 – Aron

For his creative ideas in poetry.

Year 4 – Kitty

For her amazing efforts with singing and acting, playing a major role in the lower junior Christmas production.

Year 5 – Maxwell R-W

For his brilliant contributions, enthusiasm and interest whilst on the Year 5 trip to Bhaktidevanta Manor.

Year 6- Bella

For her phenomenal efforts and progress in maths.