Stars of the week- Week ending Friday 7th June 2019

Reception-  Christian – The newest member of the class, who has settled in brilliantly and is really beginning to shine!

Year 1 – Mia – For her increasing level of focus and excellent progress with her phonics.

Year 2 – Samuel – For his amazing general knowledge and his magnificent bird feeder (which he made with granddad).

Year 3 – Lilia – For a fantastic effort and ‘light-bulb” moment with her maths!

Year 4- Oliver – For his creativity, passion for learning and excellent sense of humour.

Year 5- Bella – For being such an excellent role model, particularly when it comes to the presentation of her learning.

Year 6- Harry G – For his excellent effort across the curriculum and his key contributions to Buckingham’s success in our first ever House Football Tournament.