Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 3rd November

Nursery- Clara

For her natural curiosity and interest in all areas of learning.

Reception- Nella

for her determined efforts and growth mindset, resulting in great learning over the course of this week.

Year 1 – Olivia

For her wonderful attitude to learning, challenging herself and also extending her learning at home.

Year 2- Quinn

For his inquisitive nature and determination to succeed.

Year 3- Vivi B

For her wonderful creative writing, based on a mythical creature.

Year 4- Lucas

For his excellent efforts, resilience when faced with a challenge, and outstanding literacy work, showing a vast improvement in the quality and quantity of his independent writing.

Year 5- Sophie

For her kindness to others and the care and pride that she shows in her school environment.

Year 6- Jasmine

For her wonderful support and kindness towards younger children (including her kindness towards Archie, in Reception, when out trick or treating!