Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 27th January



For his fantastic efforts across different areas of learning.



For her superb listening, particularly with her maths and with the topic on animals from the polar regions.

Year 1 have ‘deferred’ their star as they are out on a visit to St Albans Cathedral today and would prefer to celebrate their ‘star’ in a whole school assembly next week.

Year 2


For his superb maths and excellent attitude to learning.

Year 3


For his enthusiasm for Spell to Excel; always seeking to extend his vocabulary and master new vocabulary through applying words in context.

Year 4


For her kindness and support of others, as well as her determined efforts and fabulous progress across the breadth of the curriculum.

Year 5

Annabel D

Always a model pupil, naturally kind and polite, and extremely helpful (particularly in her lunch duty role where she supports our fantastic team of MSA staff).

Year 6


For his inspiring creative writing; rich in vocabulary and full of sharp humour.